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Stop Termite Infestation With Our Termite Service
Swiftkil’s team of termite protection experts delivers very efficient termite protection shields for buildings during the construction phase, eliminating the need for chemical sprays. Consider our barrier to be a strong termite deterrent. In comparison to other procedures, it will not break down, will not require retreatment, and will save you expense over time. It is important to have strong protection against pests for new buildings and construction to establish a strong infrastructure foundation and prevent an uncontrollable infestation that could cost more money in the future to treat.

Pre-construction anti-termite treatment is considered as most effective way to prevent termite invasion in buildings or homes.

In this soil under the doundation is treated with chemicals. A chemical barrier is formed between ground and brickwork of the foundation to avoid termites access to the building.

Post Construction - Soil Treatment

1. Holes are drilled along the perimeter of the houses and termiticides will be pumped in.
Purpose: To establish a termiticide barrier to prevent termites from entering.

2. When drilling, be sure that there is no underlying cables or water pipes, obtain the plan of electrical cables of the house.

3. Distance between two holes varies between 30 – 65cm (depending on termiticide used).

4. Distance between hole to wall perimeter: 5 – 20cm (depanding on termiticide used).

Termite Baiting

Perimeter baiting (in – ground)

1. When location of termite is unknown.

2. Interception points around the perimeter of structure using wooden stakes, monitoring station.

3. Attractants improved interception.

4. Baiting is used when termite intercepted.

If termite found infesting building structure, toxic baits will be introduced immediately.

1. Topup if needed.

2. Carefully observed the termites for changes in:

a) Behavioral (not active)

b) Physiological (pale color)

c) Caste Ratio (soldier more than worker)

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