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Stop Bird Infestation With Our Bird Treatment Service

Most bird species in Malaysia are good to have around, thanks to their attractive plumage and mesmerising birdsong. However, when a flock of birds gather at a roosting site, it can lead to serious consequences.

Four-Sizes of StealthNet offer complete exclusion.
  • 2 inch Mesh. Pigeons and larger birds.
  • 1-1/8 in. Mesh Starlings, grackles, blackbirds, etc.
  • 3/4 in. Mesh. Sparrows, swallows and other small birds.
  • Use Standard netting for jobs under 25’x25′. Use heavy duty nets for larger jobs.
    • 4 in. Mesh. For gulls and other aquatic birds. It is generally installed horizontally over roofs & bodies of water.
    Bird Product - Bird Spike
    Bird Product
    Tree Shock
    Bird Shock Flex Track
    Bird Slide
    Bird Coil
    Gutter Point
    Daddi Long Legs
    Eagle Eye & Flash Flag
    Sound Deterrents
    Bird Trap
    Daddi Long Legs
    Bird Proof Gel
    Bird Proof Gel

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